“The” Shortcut?

The word “the” is the most frequently used word in the English language, far more common than “and” which has it‘s very own symbol, the beautiful & lovely ampersand (&).

Australian entrepreneur Paul Mathis invested $60,000 to develop a unique symbol for THE, by combining a capital T with a lower case h. His thinking is let‘s change three keystrokes to one, and imagine all the time and paper we'll save!


So far so good, until you start to think it through! 


Remember when Prince decided to change his name to a symbol and people just referred to him as Tafkap (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)? Didn’t go over so well. 


Type and the techology to deliver it has evolved over many centuries. Type designers have worked tirelessly to give us beautiful type with intricate detail on how individual letters interact with each other. Considering this, perhaps it‘s not such a great idea to toss out “the” in favor of a quick keystroke ... that looks like a massive typo.

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